Who is beck off of victorious dating

26-Dec-2017 05:24

So I think I want purple sparkly nails." Tori said."Ok. So who is the lucky boy that you are going on a date with?

" The nail artist asked."Beck." Tori said."Oooo." The nail artist said."Why does everyone keep saying that to me?

" Tori asked confused."I was thinking that we could take it to the next level in our relationship." Beck said."So does that mean I call you my boyfriend, and you call me your girlfriend?

" Tori asked."Ya." Beck said."Here's your Spicy Tuna Rolls." The waiter said.(They get done eating and Beck pays)"So you ready to go?

Vega said."Mom you're the one that is suppost to help me with my problems." Tori said."Well I will when you get home from school today or you are going to be late." Mrs. " Trina asked."Just wondering." Tori said.(Tori and Trina walk into Hollywood Arts)"Hey Tori can I talk to you? Tori and Beck walk into the Janitor's closet"First I have something to tell you." Tori said."What is it?

Vega said.(Tori and Trina get into Trina's car)"So Trina when did you have your first boyfriend? " Beck asked."I don't know how to say this but-Beck leans down and kisses Tori"What was that?

" Tori screamed"I'm just telling ya." Trina said."Everyone has been "just telling" me that. " Tori shouted.(Tori stomps up to her room)"Tori what's wrong? Vega asked."Everyone is telling me that every girl loves or has a crush on Beck." Tori said."So, follow your heart. " Tori asked.(Tori walks down the stairs with her purple sparkly dress on)"You look beautiful." Mrs. " Tori asked."Well first we're going to go to Noe Zuu, and then we will just see where the night takes us." Beck said."That sounds nice." Tori said.(They pull up to Noe Zuu)"Table for two." Beck says."Right this way." The waiter said."So what can I get you guys to drink?

" The waiter said."I would like a glass of water." Tori said."Uhh, pink lemonade for me." Beck said."Brings back some old memories." Tori said and laughed."So what are you going to order?

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I think I am to, I mean not with me but uh you, ya so." Beck said."This is awkward." Tori said."So do you wanna go out on a date tomorrow to Noe Zuu? " Tori exclaimed."Pick you up at 8." Beck said Tori and Beck walk out of the closet"Cat! " Cat asked."Beck just asked me out on a date." Tori said."When is it? I do love Beck and Jade's relationship but I do want him and Tori end up together in the end.In the story Beck and Jade have never dated before and Jade and Tori are actually friends." Tori asked."." The hair stylist said."Bye." Tori said.(Tori walks out of the hair and nail place)"Hey Trina can you give me a ride home? " Trina asked."In about an hour." Tori said.(Doorbell rings)"Or now." Tori says while opening the door."Hi." Tori said."You look amazing." Beck said with a smile."Well let's get going." Tori said."Bye guys have fun." Mrs.

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" Tori asked."Ya." Trina said.(Tori, Trina, and Molly leave)"I'm just saying Tori, almost every girl loves Beck or has a crush on him at our school." Trina said while walking in the door."I KNOW! Vega said."Oh he is actually going to pick me up at 7 now, and it doesn't take that long to get ready." Tori said.(3 hours later)"Mom, how do I look? Vega said.(Beck and Tori get in Beck's car)"So where are we going?

" Beck asked."Sure." Tori said.(Beck drives Tori home and walks her to the door)"Talk to ya later." Tori said"Bye." Beck said.(They kiss)"Oh my God!