How to stop updating intellisense

09-Jan-2018 05:40

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Many aspects of Intelli Sense are language-specific.

For more information about Intelli Sense for different languages, see the topics listed under See Also. If you continue typing characters, the list is filtered to include only the members that begin with those characters.

After selecting an item, you can insert it into your code by pressing TAB or by typing a space.

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If you want to turn off List Members only for a specific language, go to the General settings for that language.

To toggle between completion mode and suggestion mode, press CTRL ALT SPACEBAR or click Edit/Intelli Sense/Toggle Completion Mode.

Parameter Info gives you information about the number, names, and types of parameters required by a method, attribute generic type parameter (in C#), or template (in C ).

On this post I’ll go over the available option as well as some background as to what’s going on behind the scenes.

Lets start with the basics, the options are available under the Tools Menu under the Options items.

You can resolve this problem by commenting out the applicable code. You can't use Intelli Sense if the cursor is in a comment in your source file.